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It´s finished !!! Handquilted Blue & White Pillowcase

     Can you imagine that this pillowcase had always been my WIP ( work in process) project since 7 years or so? Well, not until last Weekend.. got all my guts to really finish this one...


       It was in those days that I had so much time and energy to do projects particularly sewing and home decorating... But then, something came up before I could execute all my crafts ideas...I need to work for my pension scheme and started putting away all my pending projects and went back into my corporated world..



This pillowcase is part of a set of 2 that I handquilted....The 2nd pillowcase was transformed into a BAG below !!!

 you can view more photos on the link below 



The trick of the handquilting is that, I used masking tapes to set the lines straight, no need to have templates if you are just quilting simple lines and squares...

     The Pillowcase front

The inner side of  the top part. 



  I cut the back fabric into two for the closure since I´m using buttons. 


I got these vintage linen buttons from hubby´s Grandma, I love using them when I make pillowcases. These are the ones I used for the closure..


 I think the style of the button fits well to the button hole....


 Here , I cut a dark blue fabric as contrast border  making a piping for all the 4 sides.  



Here´s hoping that you like today´s blog. Am glad that you took time reading me.