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autumn in the garden

The leaves of the trees have now turned yellow and anytime they´re about to fall down and leave the branches and twigs bare. And of course, aside from the fog each morning, sometimes the sun would shine around mid day.. But still, it´s becoming colder now particularly in the night.

I was damming it that I didn´t have the time to plant the rest of the orange tulip bulbs when it was still warmer.. After planting the pink ones last week, I was dead-tired after I finished-off those 60 pieces....Sign of old age, hmmmmm!

Perhaps, I´ll still be lucky to have warm temperatures as what they have forecasted for next week.. I´ll make efforts, and if not ...maybe I´ll plant them indoor in a pot...

The colors of the wild vine leaves have now turned yellow and all those berries  are looking so delish
that one might think they are blue berries. I really have no idea,  but .. I don´t think that they are edible at all. 

The patina of the wooden panels of the pergola has gotten the green color now and that´s because of the wet weather sweeping the whole of Europe. 

I love taking macro photographs of berries...they´re interesting to look at.... love to zoom those tiny ones ! 

Soon my trees will be stripped-off its leaves, but I guess I have to be ready to face the challenges
of winter and hope for a nicer Spring... 

Here´s hoping that you´re Saturday is nice wherever you are in your part of the world.

Ps. My apologies for the typo errors, those are not intentional... my keyboard always gets stuck and sometimes I only notice them when the post has been published..

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.