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"Vienna Christkindl Markt" (Vienna Christmas Market)

Rathaus Christkindl Markt ( Vienna City Hall Christmas market)

It´s the time of the year that Christmas markets in Vienna open its door to the public. This is an old tradition that goes back to the middle Ages. Centuries ago before Christmas, locals were allowed and privileged to open up a market to enhance more Christmas spirit. Those who have stalls offered various goods... whether food, drinks or self made creations to decorate their homes and even gifts to loved ones are being sold to the public.

In the modern times, the Viennese Christmas markets still maintained its old-age tradition, The most visited Market is the one from the City Hall. There are international choire singing and even the kids have their own area where they can bake their
own cookies over the weekends.

 It is the unique backdrop of the City Hall building that makes the market so famous, and if you´re already there, you would feel as if you´re in a wonderland so to speak....

Its also the aroma of the Christmas baked goodies as well as the famous  hot punch called "Glühwein" that really adds to the pre- Christmas  athmosphere.

When we moved to a new office site this year,  we could not believe our eyes!!! The view is priceless!!

This is the Belvedere Palace/ Castle which was erected by Prince Eugene, a french Field Marshall  who ran the army for the Habsburg Monarchy. He was from the Savoyen Clan from  Alsace ( eastern France).

 This is the view from my office window and I´m enjoying every minute of it! The glorious front of the palace  with it´s baroque backdrop is also very popular among the locals and tourists alike. Here you can find many christmas decor that are so unique as well as those special culinary delights.

One that every visitor would not miss is the "glühwein", a hot punch which is a mixture of wine, juice and different spices. It´s a hot drink that would keep you warm during the freezing temperatures...

If you are visiting one of these Christmas markets,  don´t forget to get a few unique christmas decor

to bring home...

These decors are one of the best souvenirs to get for your tree and will remind you how nice it is to experience the Christmas spirit of  the "Christkindl Markt " in my 2nd home.....Vienna.

Happy 1st Advent Sunday to all!!!