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missing the white sands...

The frost is just around the corner and may come anytime from now.
Those of you who live in countries with tropical/warmer climate are very lucky.

During this time of the year , we now have a gray in gray skies in Vienna with temperatures
ranging from 0 °C to 8°C... 

I never like it when skies are cloudy and gray, it´s so gloomy...I miss the blue skies, the blue seas and white sands of the beaches in my home country, the Philippines.

I have no motivation to do anything when it´s cold. It´s the winter blues, perhaps ? The winter blues, oh my, I´ve been hearing about it!

Despite the weather odds, I´ve been doing a few projects that are still in progress... and because of this same cold weather...I´ve been postponing to finish motivation, no elan! hhhhhmmm :-((

These days, I dragged myself and finished all the 66 granny squares  for the blanket project.. I ran out of yarn for the frame and lace, so I ordered them already and this time, I wanted strong colors!

I think the bunch of new yarn would pep-up the boring color of the pastels... let´s wait and see.

Meanwhile, I´ll keep you posted on my projects..

Be safe and enjoy your Tuesday!