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Lily on the farm....

This is a very nice countryside , a recreational place  where the young and 
old do their fave actions on weekends.....i.e. walking, horsebackriding, 
nordic walking, jogging, sports, biking , swimming and of course, 
walking the dog. This is just about 1 Km from our place.
Lily likes it here! 

On weekedays, the farm is very peaceful. 
You could hear the  birds singing/tweeting , as if  you 
could call this place your own. Nobody is bugging you and  you can take 
long walks or do what ever you want. 

On weekends, you might encounter horses, which are tended by their
 owners. They get pampered, brushed and most of all being ridden  
in this countryside. 

It´s Lily´s first time to see real horses so near her... 
She´s of course a bit scared confronted with such big animals! 

The horses noticed Lily and they peacefully paced in front of her. 
Astonished at what she saw,  Lily somehow showed them respect by just  
stepping back towards the side of the road and let them pass. 

When we still have Ako, our rottie,  
we biked on the narrow road along the Marchfeld Kanal, 
in a long and winding kilometers of biking path passing all those 
crop fields. Nowadays, it´s Lily´s turn to enjoy this countryside.

We are here every weekend and we will continue to enjoy the views, 
absorb the quietness and beauty of this peaceful countryside 
which is just a hop away from Vienna.

Lily loves the walk here and makes little adventures of her own,  
exploring and  standing still and stop once she hears a peculiar sound..

 I hope you will enjoy the views  and the lovely areas of this countryside .

Thank you for your time reading Lily´s  story on the countryside. 

Have a relaxing midweek!

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