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autumn beats and tulips .....

The weather forecast had been good, it´s going to be sunny
 over the weekend!  Today, we had a very foggy and 
misty morning with temps ranging between 3°C and 4°C. 
But, I was sure though that it would become milder 
as the morning went on.

And then....the sun came out and I was overjoyed! 
My plan for today to work in the garden became perfect! 
By  10 o´clock, we hit 11°C.

My workplan today was to set the tulip bulbs 
in the soil before we reach the freezing temperatures.

I went to the discount store where I bought the beautiful 
tulips I planted last year, but I missed their offer :-(((  
Panic got in me...  just thought that "if  I don´t get them now,  
there will be no tulips in my garden next year!"

Off we went to the next garden center and I had my lucky day! 

These tulip bulbs from Holland (above) totalling to 55 pieces were 
discounted by 25% Yuhuuu!

I love the autumn colors especially when my neighbour´s birch tree becomes
golden yellow. It is so lovely to look at from my window.

These are the tulips I´ve had last Spring and if all of the 55 pieces
grow like them, I´d be the happiest gardener 
in this world!

We´ve placed the bird´s feeder a bit higher on the apple tree....

...and this is the area where I did the planting today. 
I placed the metal fence back to its place now to prevent Geisha, 
my neighbour´s  visiting cat, to spoil the bulbs.


Spring 2015

I really  wish and pray that the 55 bulbs would grow
 as gorgeous as the the last Pink Tulips below.

Have a nice Sunday ahead!

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