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granny square pillowcase no. 2/3

Hi everyone! 

Today I´d like to blog on the latest project I did the last three weeks.
Finally (!!!), both granny square pillowcases nr. 2 and nr. 3 are now done 
and I was relieved. These two are part of a set of three, intended for 
our  2 new sofas that  have olive green color... The first granny
 was posted a couple of weeks back and you may  see it here

Here, I´m sharing the 2nd pillowcase, the 3rd one will be posted
 on the next blog.

I have ordered these yarns in August of last year without a particular 
project in mind...but since we got the new  sofas in Spain, I thougth  of 
making pillowcases to decorate the plain sofas with vibrant 
colored pillowcases... I was thinking of crocheting while watching films
 in the evenings.. so the granny square pillowcases were born.

clasic granny square motif

28 square pieces were tediously made

then attached to the edge of the center part

the small squares were sewn to the edge of the center part. 

Then single stitches were done on the edge to "frame"
the design.

picots were added to give it a lacey look and it´s now done!!!

Wishing you a good start of the week!