Challenging Arts & Crafts

of roses and other chores.....

It was hectic last weekend, you know... the usual chores that 
working wives do at home... Friday is always my food shopping day,
 Saturday, my cooking day & house cleaning. 
 All those dustings and the laundry and ...and ...and... that
 seemed never to end....

 I cook in advance, freeze the cooked food,  so I never have to worry
 what to have for lunch or  dinner during weekdays... Anyway, 
last weekend, I was multi-tasking,  cooked 4 different 
food  at the same time and in between FBing.
I somehow managed the cooking and even the food were 
that tasty ( according to hubby who is my tester :-)...

I´ve dried these roses a couple of months ago and last weekend,
 I gave it a go for a creation... I chose red bunch of roses as well as pink ones, 
 The red as it looked like, turned into dark pink or lila.

 I used dried florist sponge, cut the stems of the roses to the
 proper size, fitted the stems to sponge and let it stand firm.
 There was no green moss in our area, so I recycled dried materials 
 that looked like dried twigs, only finer,  to hide the inner life of
 my creation.

 It came with the boquet we got for
 my mom-in law, fitted perfectly to the roses,  hiding the florist
 sponge.  Lastly, the stems  were tied with a natural fiber band..
so, I got everlasting roses now and I feel good!

I am still amazed at how the poinsettia this season survived this long 
since it first bloomed last November. Amazing isn´t it?.

 Well, the  leaves  are gone now and in a few days, I´ll be
cutting  the branches  ( if I may call them branches!? ) to prepare
the plant for Spring.

Then, there are these tulip bulbs I planted last Fall. I´m anxious
 to see them flower... 

During my food shopping, saw the first strawberries of  the season,
 and they came from Spain. I got a few for the fruit salad.

I have mixed fruits available in our supermarket.... strawberries, 
bananas, apples, blueberries, clementines were cut into bite sizes  (diced)
 then,  I squeezed 2 oranges adding the  juice to marinate  the salad for 
30 minutes adjusting the sweetness and added 1 tbsp of stevia powder
 ( sugar substitute)..

 I stored the rest  of the salad in glass jars 
with snap-on lid  and refrigerated  them for later consumption.

You may mixed the quantity of fruits as much as you like provided you
 also use enough juice to marinate them.

It was a very busy week,  but it always feels wonderful when  you have
achieved to finish the chores and relax a bit and even  become
 creative over the weekend.

Hope your Wednesday will be fancy and nice.

Enjoy it!