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a short walk ....

Today is one of those sunny days where I would make an office break
and take a walk... so off I went and took the chance to bring my husband´s wrist
watch and have the bottom glass replaced at Dorotheum...

Dorotheum is Austria´s foremost Auction house and it´s just about
 2 streets away from my work passing the lovely flower shop that sells 
the  flowers in today´s blog..

 Vienna´s 1st District has 25 churches and mostly not so far 
aways from each other, each one built so uniquely.
 Austria is mainly a Catholic land and its churches reflect its 
culture up to this very day.

This is the belfry of St.Anna Church which is exactly opposite
my office window. You can imagine how loud it is when the clock hits 
the hour. But the bell´s sound really is a music for the ears.

The street that goes to Dorotheum has many  small antique shops,
 most sell memorablias, paintings and other things that came from
 different parts of Europe.

The facade of this building vis a vis the Dorotheum has wonderful
"Jugendstil" designs. Took these shot while waiting for the watch being

 The city has gotten amazing architecture. The architects during the 
monarchy period paid  so much attention to details of each house.

Photos taken today.... what lovely colors
do the flowers have!!!


Various pink colors that make this world so romantic, LOL!

When watch repair was finished, went back to the office and
 thought of today´s flowers..

Thank you for reading today´s blog. 

Have a wonderful Thursday ahead!