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a quick dinner.... Mozarella & Ham Tart

Here is one idea for dinner which is also good as snacks.
I always have a ready made phylo sheet ( butter dough from local supermarket) in the fridge and by the time dinner is nearing and haven´t decided what to serve, I make this  quick   and super easy tart..and as I said, it´s also  good for snacks or in betweens...

Quick Mozarella & Ham Tart
(makes 4 pieces) 

Ingredients : 
1 ready made  phylo sheet ( from supermarket)
1 pack  Mozarella cheese -light
thin slices of ham

Optional : salt & pepper 


 Take out the dough, cut into 4 parts
and spread  over 4 teflon tart forms, trim  the sides
 putting a bit of more dough to thicken the rim of the form.
 Bake in a preheated oven of 180°C (lower rack) for
 10 minutes  til golden brown, take out from the oven and 
 set aside.   Blind baking is not necessary here.

 Cut 1 pack Mozarella light ( 30% less fat)  into slices and 
 and spread  the pieces together with the sliced ham on top of the baked tart casing. 

 Put the filled tart cases back in the oven and bake for
 10-15 minutes more  at 180°C. 

 Tip: I don´t season the tart with salt & as the ham and mozarella are already seasoned with it....

Happy Baking!