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the flowers of my apple tree

A closer look at each flower led me to believe that they maybe related to roses...the wild roses I have seen along the countrysides, in the outskirts of Vienna are almost  identical to these ones...

And so,  it´s now Springtime here and my apple tree is fully blooming.... pale pinks & whites, oh how lovely they are!!!

All of its flowers are prospective apple fruits ... it´s kinda long process!

First, they start blooming in Spring, mostly in the begining part of April....
some of the weak ones will fall off the tree and the more robust 
ones will become the crispiest, juiciest and sweetest apples
 I´ve ever eaten so far.

I make my harvest into a jelly or use them as fillings
 for my Apple Strudel.

My wish is that I hope to harvest many fruits in Autum, then 
we´ll have to trim the tree again to prepare for the next season.... 
and I  just love that process.

Have a nice Thursday everyone !