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"15 Süße Minuten " (15 sweet minutes)

Yeah, 15 Süße´s a Bistro, Cafe and Bakery in one. I just love this place!!! Located in the 4th District of Vienna, this is one of my fave Cafes in town. They have the best Poppyseed cheesecake that is so scrumptious..... it´s really heaven!

Just a few blocks from my work not so far away from the Belvedere Palace, I love to come here whenever the time allows me and take away some sweets...They also have light snacks and various soups that you could order for lunch or for tea.

You only need to have 15 sweet minutes of your time to be able to taste one of  the best pâttisseries in town.

Once inside, you´ll feel relaxed in the modern and friendly atmosphere

Since I´m always short of time for lunch break ( I only have 30 minutes),  I wouldn´t go out of this Café without bringing some of my favourite poppyseed cheesecake for my afternoon merienda in the office..

And while I sip a cup of Nespresso , I enjoy each and every tidbits of the poppyseeds in this cheesecake while looking at the wonderful and picturesque view of the Belvedere Palace from my office window.

So if you happen to visit Vienna... it´s located at Favoriten Strasse 45, 4th District just a few steps from Vienna´s most modern and biggest Rail Station called Hauptbahnhof Wien...

Hoping you´re enjoying your Sunday!