Challenging Arts & Crafts

from fabric scraps to table napkins

One of the things that I would really love to collect is fabric... I have lots, lots of them that I store or shall I say hoard...I buy them in advance in anticipation that I will make something out of them..

I´m a spontaneous crafter, the moment an idea comes up, I quickly gather my materials and start to work. I make a lot of projects for my home, so I start by searching for the right colors from my stash... then a project is born..

One of  the ideas is to make these napkins from a rose printed cotton fabric. I first washed the fabric before cutting it to its size to be on the safe side.. I made 6 pieces, finished sizes of which are 40 cm x 40 cm. I double folded the borders, tucked-in the corners and with the sewing machine it´s quickly done with a running stitch.

I love to use these napkins on mismatched plates....the rose fabric design picks-up the colors of the plates above.

Happy Weekend!

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