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Easter ... a celebration

Happy Easter to you all!

In my home country, the Philippines, the Holy Week is a big event  for all of us Christians. We would church hop and do the station of the cross, hear  the holy mass, watch passion play or see road processions. 

Easter Sunday is the last event of the Holy Week and that would mean either one attends the holy mass or the whole family and friends go to the beach celebrate the ascencion of Jesus to Heaven, rejoicing His return to the heavenly glory.
Ahhhhh.... how I miss those traditions! 

I haven´t really done much of decorating for Easter this year...but I´ve taken out my easter eggs to decorate our young willow tree in the garden.

I also have this ceramic easter eggs a la Fabergé and  used them for my photos here.

I found these ceramic eggs in the flea market and I have 5 pieces at the moment.

Today had been sunny and I woke up early to do shopping.
I also got some colorful carnations from the fresh market as sort of my day inspiration...and while I was hanging the eggs on the tree, I was enjoying my afternoon coffee ...

Some of the easter eggs are vintage made by hubby´s grandma, I made some myself and some were bought locally.

We surely had a great day today cleaning the garden. The sun was shining and the first daffodils opened up the days before greeting and meaning to us that Spring is really here after a gray in gray and wet weather the last days!

Enjoy celebrating !

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