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Marchfeld walk and more wildflowers..

Marchfeld is the border of Vienna´s 21st District to the north and is part of Niederösterreich ( Lower Austria). We love to come here, it´s peaceful with lots of much natural beauty to see.

The Marchfeld Kanal is a small creek with pathways for bikers on both sides and surrounded by vegetable fields as well as cherry trees and lots of recreational area for the locals i.e. horseback riding, swimming, tennis and other sports..

It´s approximately a 5 minute-drive from our house to be on the slope of the fields.. And it is here where we used to walk our dog Ako, the rottie

From where I took the photo (below), you can see the skyline of the 22nd District including the United Nations Building....

The photo below is the area where we park the car and go for a dog walk... In this case, we went up and down yesterday to walk Lily, mom in-law´s 4 year old chihuahua.

There are plenty of wildflowers around this area, although it´s still colder in the night, there are patches where the flowers started to pop up to show their beauty.

To prevent the wind from sweeping across the vegetable fields, the farmers planted bushes and cherry trees along the ways... they also planted so many lilacs which are now blooming in abundance.  

And so I was tempted to pick a few for my wildflower arrangements. The beauty of nature  is everywhere, you just have to look carefully and enjoy what you see.....

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday  and were inspired by these wildflowers... Thank you for dropping by.


Til next,