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pink tulips in my garden.....

Hi everyone! Looking at the size and quality of these tulips, I can still remember when I was choosing the ones to get at the garden center. There were bigger and smaller bulbs with different colored blooms.

I was wishing to have pink tulips for a long time and last Fall was my chance to do it.

The pink pack had around 60 bulbs which I painstakingly planted on the free space of my small garden... I really mean "painstakingly" because I had to bend and bend and bend that my back got sored afterwhich I was bed ridden for a couple of hours..

I had to put  a metal fence in front of the row to prevent Geisha, the neighbor´s visiting cat  to pass between each tulip,  the stems are just so senstive and she already broke around 10 of those.

I love looking at them to get inspirations and they give me a good start of the day... they really put me in a good mood and  that  makes me happy cause when I´m happy, I sing! LOL!

So..... these are my pink tulips and I hope I can still manage to make them grow with beautiful blossoms next year .

I hope you´ve enjoyed looking at the photos and wish they have inspired you too. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.

Happy Sunday everyone!

Til next,