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the tiny wild flowers...

Nice weather prompted us to go biking the last 2 days. We are now blessed with plenty of sunshine.. The fields around our home are now green and the wheats are now 40 cm high  swaying nicely to the gentle breeze of the wind.

We are in the outskirts of the city and one would feel this is the countryside somewhere..

Along the small path where we walked the dog yesterday, the birds were chirping as always. From the sounds that we heard, I thought they were hungry newborns waiting for their parents to deliver them food. 

The skies were blue and are tempted by white clouds halting to a  still as if they were meant to be there fixed  as part of the whole scenery.

The ones with the dandelions were picked the day before ...

I was curious which flowerettes to pick. The whole bunch I gathered  were just enough for an arrangement. I just did by turning them into a bouquet using an espresso cup as vase... it holds nicely and I love that!

I have added a few wild apple flowers , they are so gorgeous and inspiring. 

I would say these wild flowers really made my afternoon. Thanks for taking the time  to read my blog!

Have a nice Friday everyone!!!