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vintage cups & saucers....

I can still remember how she took those pieces out of her display cupboard and set the 
table for the afternoon coffee... A delicious cake was already placed on the table and 
coffee was brewing.
Oma, hubby´s late grandmother, used these 
mismatched cup and saucer sets 
 only once when we celebrated  a Christmas afternoon in her home in the late 80´s. 
Oma had been collecting these for years!

I never get to know the story behind each of these beautiful pieces. And I´m not really
 sure whether they are considered collector´s pieces at all. 

But, whatever  category they may fall in, I consider them  all beautiful pieces.... 
pieces that were handed-down by Oma to my mom in-law and now to me.

Each piece was very thinly manufactured.... and one can feel their sensitivity when the 
cups are stack together and that magical "zing sound" echoes all over the room.
You will have the impression when hearing the sound that the pieces are so delicate.

I only wash them by hand.  We have various coffee and teapot sets at home for
everyday use or for special occasion....and so these pieces
 are going to be placed in a glass cupboard....yes, only in a glass cupboard....  
...and will probably not to be used in any of the coffee parties.

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