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the lavenders....

It already rained in the morning and at lunchtime, it´s an on and off situation... sometimes the sun showed up... then disappeared. But it´s those thick clouds that made me nervous going out in the pouring rain, you´ll never know ....until we went brave and just simply got into the car and drove... we were going to visit Oma´s grave at the Grinzinger Friedhof.

The grave of Gustav Mahler, the famous classical music composer

     Grinzinger Friedhof at the 19th District, Vienna

 Grinzinger Friedhof in Döbling is located in the  19th District. It´s 
the resting place for the  rich and famous, bankers, noblemen of the 
Austrian Society. It´s a very small cemetery that was founded
 in the beginning of  the 20th Century...Though, it´s story goes back 
to the middle of the 19th Century, 

My husband´s grandmother was lucky to have gotten a plot in the 1950`s. 
Nowadays, to get a plot here is almost impossible.

And so we went to visit grandma and we were so surprised that her grave is almost 
covered by the lavender growing on the plot beside hers... The bees were all over the flowers and I was careful not to bother them... and I did cut the so many stalks and one of the bees stung my finger.... Awtsch!!!!

The smell of the lavender is so wonderful and I just love it.... and so instead 
of bringing the cut stalks to the compost, I brought them home and 
made a bouquet and have this in the garden.
The scent is all over the seating area and we´re enjoying it...hmmm,  but maybe 
not the moths, LOL!

Thank you for visiting me! Wishing you a nice Tuesday!

Until next time...

xoxo, Mercy

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