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it´s gladiola time ....

Yes it is..... gladiola time! 
They´re here again and blooming so wonderfully on that field 
a few meters away from our house.. 

These are the ones I cut & picked today and arranged them in a tall vase.
Looking so good, the pink ones are the
 loveliest shades for me.

So many varieties and all with beautiful colors... each is so unique  and has its  
own characteristics. Each bloom seems to be smiling at us awaiting
 to be cut!

From dark hues to lighter shades, they all stand out on its own.  
My favorites are the ones with pastel colors especially the pink and violet ones.

 The buds of each stalk  started to open end of last week ...  they´re just 
beginning to bloom now and already spreading joy 
to all passers-by.  

I just hope the blooms will still be  there til Fall!  But that would be 
impossible because they are for sale, everyone´s 
picking and picking each day.
Oh well, just maybe!

Have a great Tuesday!

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