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A Romantic Bedroom

One of the things I´d love to do is Interior decorating and am very passionate about it. I would buy fabrics and other materials that I love during sales and keep them until ready to use. I also love the blue and white scheme in decorating, blue is subtle and pleasing for the eyes, it is peaceful and very calming. This is the latest bedroom I decorated. I cut the headboards out of a template I made using old newspaper,have the sponge cut by a local shop,

This pillowcase was made out of fabric rest used for the back curtain. I added the vintage lace to give it a romantic look. Old laces are very nice to use for pillowcases, they simply give a feminine touch and character to the whole appearance of the bedroom.

I also designed this bed canopy, brought the template to a local town carpentry shop and ask the guys there to cut it for me. Found out that the shop owner is a German and so communicating what I want was no problem. The canopy curtain fabric was bought at a dicount shop near the Malaga Airport and the shop specializes in discontinued english fabrics...I was lucky to have gotten the back curtain for a price of 1 Euro per meter and I guess, the bed canopy and its front curtain picked-up the blue color of the back curtain.

I hope that this posting may inspire you somehow in decorating your home.

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