Challenging Arts & Crafts

Crocheted Laces

I started crocheting at 9 presenting my mom a band of curtains that she proudly displayed on her canteen window. It was a self-taught process. Maybe it is the challenge that hit me at this young age thinking if others could do it I could do it too. From there, I´ve been doing the craft eversince. And here, I´d like to share a few of the past projects that I did.
Some of these laces have been crocheted on my way to work or while watching TV. If you are "hooked" on this craft, there isn´t any border on what beautiful laces you could create out of a hook and thread.
I will show more of my work later. In the meantime, I´m out for a siesta, it´s kinda hot and humid as we are experiencing a changeable weather right now in Vienna. Enjoy your time wherever you are in this part of the world.

 Til next,