Challenging Arts & Crafts


Mineral and semi-precious stones are very fascinating materials to work at. It´s so amazing how a simple stone can be turned into a fabulous jewel.  For me, everything handmade is very special and no matter how much time is involve to create something , I keep it going til the project is perfect for my eyes. Here are some of the necklaces I have made so far..

This is one of the very first necklaces I made out of african  Malachite, brass wires and spacers.

These are lapis lazuli stones that were set on a brass wire, I added the sponge coral which I recycled from an old necklace.

I used big round sponge coral for this one, the pendant was from another necklace found at a  fleamarket and is made of metal that already had the stones attached to it.

And lastly, this necklace is composed of various minerals like agate, tiger´s eye. etc
Making them is somehow a form of a stress reliever for me after an exciting busy day at work.

Til next,