Challenging Arts & Crafts

Father´s Legacy

I was never into Carpentry, but I always admire the works of my Dad, he was an expert in cabinet making, all those joints putting pieces together without using nails. He made all those kitchen cabinets , wardrobes and boxes in our house to hold things. We even had a wooden pine shaped-tree that held Christmas presents. The tree was a miniature wooden piece and its original was actually almost a lifesize pine tree of about 2.5 meters high he custom-made for a rich chinese businessman. I remember it was painted white to reflect the winter woods in cold countries. While girlfriends of my age played with their dolls and barbies at that time, I was with my 5 brothers playing and exploring the building structures in my Dad´s work place, he was the construction supervisor of the first international airport in Manila in the early 60´s. And so to this very day, vivid thoughts on woods filling the area everywhere still linger on my mind...beautiful thoughts!
The very first carpentry DIY I did was made in Vienna a couple of years back. A visit to Bauhaus triggered the making of this Bathtub caddy.
The Bathtub caddy holds not only my shampoos and bath soaps but also wine glasses and candles, it creates a very relaxing atmosphere! I hope you would agree. Til next, Mercy