Challenging Arts & Crafts

The New Life of an Upholstered Chair

On my way home, I found this chair standing next to a huge building container along the main road waiting to be picked-up by the garbage truck. The owner was disposing it because its style didn´t fit into their newly renovated house. The chair was shabby and old, but it had potential, so I stopped-by and carry it home. I removed the old upholstery, stripped-off its varnish, sanded it, then painted it with a transparent acrylic paint. Then I cut a new sponge to the shape of the removable base, glue the sponge to it,then covered it with an english style cotton fabric. I found it easier to use a manual tacker than an electric one. Screwing the base to the chair was the easiest part and the nicest part is putting the green edge lace.

I thought I would be needing a footstool to pair with the chair, so off we went to the fleamarket and found a footstool base that cost around 2 Euros. Since it had no seat, I cut an MDF plate to serve the purpose, then glued the new sponge as well as tacked the english fabric and added some pleated skirt to it.... now, you can see the results... Hope this inspire you not to throw away your old pieces of furnitures, there is always a chance to recycle and make them "new" again...

Til next, Mercy