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A Saturday Flea Market Spree & The Loot

The biggest Brocante that I ever went to was in St. Ouen,.Paris, It was full of so many beautiful things that are absolutely adorable, from vintage to new, you name it... We also have a flea market in Vienna and that´s what I´like to blog about,... we went there last weekend.


The weather prediction had not been good, said to myself rain or shine I would go... It was actually hubby´s idea to go early, I was surprised ´cause he would only go when the market is almost closing... that´s when you get the items you like offered in cheaper prices because the dealers don´t want to bring  home their unsold items.

We weren´t really looking for  particular pieces, just things that fancy us .
Vienna´s fleamarket is not that big, well, this is a small city... and so is its flea market.

The  two ceramic serving trays are new and unused and cost
0.50  Euro cents each. 

The choices are wide... but sometimes you can´t avoid to encounter trash.


He is a flea market dealer tending the stall with his 2 pugs sleeping on his lap, the pugs were so cute,  simply sleeping and wanting to overcome the heat.

...various mineral beads, I used to buy my beads here but the dealer´s prices became expensive since the last years.

I´m always on the look out for flower aquarelles, blue & white ceramics as well as potteries to add to my collection.

Two delft ceramic shoes, souvenirs from Holland... I brought one when we visited Amsterdam a few years back.. some are ashtrays and some are for wall hanging.


A nice tea cup & saucer set as lucky find in exchange for 2 Euros...

This is aso a lucky find, a crocheted pillowcase that is so crisp and still looking  so new...

brass sconce

View of the Wien Fluss in Stadtpark , a small creek that connects to the Danube River with the Vienna Hilton as backgound...this is the underground train station U4 that connects you to the Saturday flea market.


The loot have been ok and I think I´ll enjoy all what we got.

Well, that´s all about for now, I hope your having a nice Friday. Thanks for reading me today.



Til next,