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Container Gardening


This is our sundeck and I´ve converted it into my pot garden a couple of years back. You must have read about container gardening  becoming  popular nowadays. Well, I´m also into this and have been planting ever since salad greens, aubergines (eggplants), sweet Paprikas (bell peppers) to name a few..


 Year by year, our SUMMER has really become unpredictable... as of this writing,  we´re experiencing small showers right now in Vienna.


  As I said before, this terrace is protected by three walls and it´s very very hot in summer, so it´s very ideal to grow vegetables. Unlike in the backyard, there are no slugs that destroy the plants..


This year, I sowed my own chinese cabbage seeds from last year´s harvest.. I´m telling you, it´s fun to see how the seeds develop into  plants so fast.

 This is one of two bell peppers I´m growing this season... I normally sow the seeds myself, but we came back from holiday so late in June. I got them from the garden center when it was still small.


I also got salad green newbies. These lettuce here are already 10 days old and they´ve grown a bit bigger now as it becomes warmer each day. 



The celery here came from my kitchen,  I can´t believe that they would still grow once the stalks were cut. I simply replanted this in a pot and soon  new stalks and leaves began sprouting... Someone told me that it should grow infinitely...uhhhhhm, let´s wait & see.



Year in year out, parsley is one plant I never miss in container gardening, and I also sowed seeds this year. Hopefully, I´m going to have plenty of harvest too! :-)




This is an  exciting experiment... my old potatoes got plenty of  slips and I cut  and put  each in 4 cracker containers... and now as you see, it´s growin... growin... growing!!!


 Let´s wait and see if  the replanting of the potatoes a success. It will be...... when the fruits are there to get harvested, so please keep your fingers crossed!!!

Parsley, I got the newbies from the garden center ans am still waiting for the sowed seeds to come out.


Giant Squash.... I got two of them and I hope that I wouldn´t run out of space because the sundeck is really really that small.  I made the raised bed out of 4 concrete hollow blocks... Last year, I planted Bitter Melon or ampalaya and it was truly a success...

Here are some Butter Lettuce, they are sweeter in taste..


The lilies here are from last year´s bulbs..... so aromatic and have grown almost as tall as I am and  still blooming wonderfully.


On the lower right side  of the photo, I have the lavender that is full of aroma and it  shoooos  the insects away!



Container gardening for me is one answer to relieve a stressful day after work. I only wish I have more time to do this...


Happy Gardening!


Til next,