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Parsley , Squash, Salad Green & others


We´re truly blessed with sunny days the last 2 weeks and that´s good for my potted garden... The newbies are getting bigger day by day.



...and I can´t wait to make the first harvest of the parsley and the salad greens...

 We´ll have to wait for the fruits of the bell peppers as their early beginnings in the pot weren´t that good due to cold weather last mid June.
But,  they´re now showing lots of flowers and I already noticed a pepper popping out the last couple of days. 

I never miss using empty cracker containers for the salad greens and I´m getting more of empty ones once  a month..

I actually started using three of these to give color to my terrace, but then,  they seemed to have grown in numbers as we  emptied cans  of Skyflakes Crackers imported from the Philippines.

I´ll start to harvest my salad greens later today, I´m sure they´ll be crispy and delicious.

The chinese cabbage called pechay (paksoi)  grew so fast.. Its Images are still lingering  on my mind when their seeds were sowed a couple of weeks ago for the first time..
Right now, I´m facing a problem with the salad greens, insects( larvae)  are enjoying them and six plants,  leaves  of which have been eaten up and the plant got devastated...hhhhmm! 

The Squash climbed up so fast in the trellis  I temporarily made for the purpose. Only thing is , I´m supposed to let its vine grow on the floor. Now, I´m vertically growing it for lack of space and am not sure how the giant fruit would hang from the top vine..   

I had to put a "bandage" ( masking tape) to straighten up the damage Squash vine..

The two potted bell peppers below love intensive sunshine and they feel great when watered at the end of the day  when I come home from work.

I´ll give an update about the first harvest of the greens in the next days.
Meanwhile, do enjoy your time as weekend slowly aproaches!
Thank you for taking time to read this blog.....
                                                      Xo Xo,