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A Viennese Flower Field

Every year in summer, it is a joy to see this place especially when these gladiolas ( gladiolus ) begin to bloom.
This field is just a few steps away from my home, which is actually open for public. It´s a self service cut-your choice flower field.

You bring your cutter , choose the flowers and pay for what you cut.
There ´s no cashier around, no fence, no security control, no cameras. You have to give your coins to the slot of  the cash box provided.
Last weekend, I cut a few gladiolas to decorate my home.
The flowers are that heavy and sometimes, it´s kind of difficult to make an Arrangement to fix it in a vase that has a wide mouth.. I had to add a few stems from the potted lilies to make the blooms stand out facing the front of the vase. 

Gladiolas are very popular here, especially if  the colors vary in making floral  arrangements.... and the cut ones  last for so many days.
You only have to change the water in the vase everyday.
The bulbs planted here are the fusion of all colors,... vivid colors you can possibly think about... you can make a cluster of just one color or you may mix them in your decoration and still they would look gorgeous.

Hope you´ve enjoyed this posting and thanks for being here.
Happy Sunday to all of you, wherever you are in this part of the world!


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