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A Bike Ride and Goldenrod

  Hello everyone!

Today isn´t my lucky day! I have been trying to upload pics and while I´m doing some editing, the draft of this post just went gaga!!! Well, I somehow managed to edit the pics exactly the size I wanted them to be.... That´s what happens when someone like me isn´t a bit of  a techie, LOL!


This is our biking route, a field of goldenrod that is really in abundance. It´s beginning to get chilly early morning, signs that summer is coming to its end. 

And so, last weekend´s biking led me to cut some of these flowers including berries below, name of which I have no idea... some one said they are edible.


The berries of the wild roses are also getting their Fall color and become more red orange each day leading to becoming  deep red later on. 

For the natural materials that I have gathered fresh from the field, I made a floral arrangement, berries included.  I found out that  goldenrod has different varieties, the one I got  here are very aromatic and I enjoy its aroma so much. 



Hope you´re enjoying the mild September days and I wish them to be golden ones with lots of sunshine for us !!!