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White On White - Pillowcase

 My concept about white on white is something of an  embroidery using white background and stitches using white thread . It can be linen that has monograms on it or simply a tablecloth with flower designs.. I called this project white on white because it has all the attributes of being one....handquilted, thread used is white, white background and above all the white crocheted lace. 

The crocheted laces above were made by me without having any options on what to do with them... I had the thread and I wanted to crochet something while watching TV or listening to music. . At first, I intended to use them as lace for the skirt of the bed canopy and it stayed being just a lace for really a long time, something like 5 years or so until I  decided to use them last week.

 The quilted top of the pillowcase has a simple quilt pattern, simlpy criss-crossing lines using masking tape as guide. The middle part had been a flower design although when quilted, it wasn´t clear enough to see that it is a Cluster of flowers.

Anyway, the quilt top had also been there for a long time and was never touched for a couple of years...So,  last week I took all my efforts to start with the blue pillowcase
which I have featured in my post before this one called   

I had to join both Ends of the lace by Hand before attaching it to the quilted top.  

 ....then I pinned it in place and sew the sides of the lace to the quilt top.

Then I set to work on the back side of the pillow, cutting a white Cotton fabric into two parts with an overlapping opening using those vintage button I used for the blue & white pillowcase.. 

The size of the pillowcase is 50cm x 50cm (19.68 inches x 19.68 inches) 

Now that this is done, I have to tackle the 2nd pillowcase that is  part of this set of 2 and it will surely be as pretty as this one...

Here´s wishing everyone a happy weekend !