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The Happy Squash

Planted in a raised bed and getting plenty of my attention..
 this squash is enjoying life as the star in my container garden up in my terrace.

Its raised bed is made of  4 big concrete blocks that I got from
the hardware store.

I had to grow the vine vertically as I didn´t have enough terrace space.

Growing vertically, the vine started to climb on top of the conifer hedge...

Its flowers were so lovely that I took a shot having the blue sky as background

...and their leaves were so huge that one could have thought of being in a lilliput land...

I knew that the squash would grow on top of the conifer hedge, so I placed the vine in such a way that the fruit would manage to grow in the middle of the pine trunk ....that way, the fruit wouldn´t damage the hedge because of  the weight.

...and then there was this one fruit growing behind the satellite antenna... actually, the very 1st that grew so rapidly each day..

...when the plant started showing the first fruits, I cut the the tips of the vine from different directions so as to stop the plant from growing further. This way, the energy delivered by the feeds and water went directly to the fruit and enhanced more growth.

As the flowers were blooming, I cut some and use these for my culinary cooking. Below is an example of what I cooked out of the flowers.

If you would like to try my recipe for the stuffed squash flowers, here is the link: 

....and because I was growing it in a raised bed, I decided that I would only grow 2 fruits.. the first squash behind the parabola antenna didn´t make it and  died-off after it had almost 3 kilos. For obvious reason, it didn´t like the stockings I used to support its weight during the growing process.

This is the squash that grew right on top of the hedge and weighs  around 
 9.20 Kgs/ 20.30 lbs.  Can´t wait to cook various casserole dishes, salads, cake  and make a portion into chutney out of this versatile veggie. I harvested this last Thursday and I should say my squash had been a "good omen" for
Friday, the 13th. 

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