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the simplest flowers

Flowers , flowers, flowers....the simplest ones!

Time passed by so quickly and summer is gone...and before the chilly
 days started, I gathered this simple arrangement to commemorate how
 enjoyable summer had been this season. 
Most of  these flowers came from my container garden.. 
 I probably have one of the tiniest backyards ( around 30 sqm.) in town
 and although my available space is  limited, I still manage to grow
 a conifer hedge , an apple tree, a growing willow tree, 2 hibiscus bushes
 and my dog Ako´s yellow roses below...

But, I must admit that I  also buy fresh flowers for my home.
 In example are these beautiful flowers near my office. My fave flower
 shop has the prettiest bunch of roses of various colors.

I love passing by this shop when I have
 those lovelunch breaks from work and sometimes I really couldn´t  
resist buying a bunch ...


 My trumpet vine produced plenty of blooms this year and  although 
 it can rapidly climb up high the terrace, we always see to it that it never
goes up the roof blocking the rainwater gutter.




I hope these flowers inspire all of you while
thinking of the bright new day ahead!!!