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the flowers in my backyard - 2013

All of these flowers have been my inspiration all summer long..  
I made bouquets out of them to decorate my home. 

I´ve planted some bulbs in the autumn of 2012 and they
came out  wonderfully this year...if  only the slugs weren´t
  in  my backyard :-(

I´ve had tulips in spring, amaryllis from Spain, potted lilies, forsythia, 
hibiscus and  my dog´s yellow roses as well...

I ´ve had squash flowers too!!!... as well as some potted violets and
some I don´t even know what the names were except that I loved them the
moment I saw them at the garden center...

The most fragrant of  all are the yellow roses, the potted lilies as well
as the honeysuckle

I´ll have fond memories of these flowers especialy in a gloomy day
 of autumn when the skies are gray.  I hope these photos  made you smile....

Til next...