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Tulips...more than just a pot of flowers

As it started last weekend, I welcomed March
 with a jolly feeling. My tulips started to flower  and thought that this might be a good omen for a  wonderful Spring.

Well, Spring flowers would be nice in reality if one has done  the pre planting many months  before . It was an experiment to plant the tulip bulbs in a container too close to each other last Fall. Put it outside the yard covered with dried leaves for protection against frost.

My purpose was, if the bulbs start growing, the stalks would grow tightly next to each other and they would resemble cluster of tulips gathered in a vase like freshly cut ones.

Of course, I fertilize once in awhile until 
the bulbs started popping-up !!!...and the leaves became thicker.

 A cracker container was used so that each of the bulbs can be transferred easily to another pot  in case  something goes wrong with their growing. 

I must say that the bulbs seemed comfortable in the container.
 So I let them be there  where they are. The leaves 
have grown thicker each day. 

The first bud opened and popped-out right on time, exactly 
on  the 1st of March.

Flowers are inspiring! Just by looking at them, they take
 away the stress  after a hard day´s work. More flowers  
opened  yesterday  and I expect to have  more this 
coming weekend.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog.
Hope you enjoyed these tulips, too!!!