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A brisk walk to the Stadtpark

 In my corporate world, the first quarter of the year is always the busiest.. there´s the reconciliation of accounts, preparation of the financial statements etc.  This week has flown by so quickly that my office days went too quickly as swift as a passat.

The weather was great, we had  plenty of sunshine with cloudless blue skies....
 To relieve a bit of stress after hours of working with computer, I took a
 brisk walk during lunchbreak to the nearby Stadtpark and took pictures...

Wien Fluß...with Vienna Hilton on the background

Wienfluss in Summer  ... (image courtesy of Wikipedia)

The Ring is the avenue that surrounds the old part ( city center) of
 Vienna.. and it also has parks... Stadpark is one of those.

Wienfluss in winter with The Intercontinental Hotel behind the trees.

A happy duck flirting with my camera giving me a good shot of his profile

School children come here to feed the ducks

Posing for my camera or maybe waiting for me to throw the bread cubes.

The kids, loud & giggling, were so excited to throw the bread ..but the ducks played safe and didn´t come too close to them.

The Kärntner Strasse is located inside the Ring and is the heart of the city.
 From here, it takes about 10 minutes by foot to the Stadtpark. 

Now that Spring is taking over  and weather is becoming warmer everyday....more and more visitors, locals or tourists come here to relax, sit for awhile, feed the ducks or simply pass-by and enjoy the beauty of nature....

Have a nice weekend!