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the roses of the Volksgarten - Vienna

For those of you who are roses enthusiasts , you would love coming here  between late Spring and Fall where all the hundreds of varieties of roses are in full bloom... This is Vienna´s Volksgarten which is actually open to the public for free since 1825.

The Rose Garden is located inside the Ring (Google Map), Vienna´s first District. 

This beautiful park is within the Ring located between the Heldenplatz 
and the Hofburg. 

All the tourists visiting the city won´t miss this park because it´s
 almost near to everything within the if you´re dead tired, 
 you could come and sit at one of its benches while enjoying the 
beautiful blooms of roses and its scents.

This building is part of the Hofburg ( summer Residence of the
 Habsburg Dynasty) that houses the Chancellor´s Office.

The National Library in Heldenplatz

This photo was taken about a year ago in Summer during my 
lunchbreak. The building behind is one of those museums in the
 Museums Quartier.

During Winter time, all rose bushes are covered with sack to prevent damages that might destroy the whole plant.

I visited the Park about 2 weeks ago and took these photos...

This is the City Hall of Vienna named the Rathaus... don´t be mislead by the german word "Rat" (LOL!),  it simply means Council.

The roses last Summer 

The way to  my work is not so far. My office is within the Ring which is just around the corner of the Volksgarten.

Now that Spring is really here, I think they will soon take out the sacks and the rose bushes will soon show the first leaves... I can´t wait to see the first blooms in one of my city strolls during lunch breaks. 

I hope your Thursday will be great, enjoy it!