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a caddy for my yarn...

Today, I´m blogging about a caddy I recently did for my yarn. It´s a bag
 I crocheted while watching night movies at home. A carry-all bag that will hold all my crafting materials...yarn, threads & needles, scissors, etc.

Blue & white are my fave colors so I used both for this project.

This blue yarn was supposed to be a sample yarn that I brought 
along from Spain during holiday. The skein was a 100 gram/100 % Acrylic and the off white is made of 100% cotton that I´ve ordered from an online shop.

The bottom of the bag is a simple granny square, the sides are made of 8 smaller grannies that I handstitched together to form the bag base.

The acrylic yarn was thick but a bit softer... here, I used hook nr. 5

After handstitching the small granny squares to the bag base, I went on crocheting the blue yarn until it was finished, then I added the white yarn and the straps..

Basically, I couldn´t decide what to do with the blue yarn..

...I thought of making a bread basket, but I needed a pouch, a carry all bag for my craft materials and then came up with this one.

Crafting is my way of relieving myself from all the stress after a
 long day at work....glad to have done this one finally!

Have a nice Saturday!