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first day of Spring - Naschmarkt, Vienna

Oh my, Vienna´s weather yesterday has been so beautiful!
We´ve had cloudless blue skies with temperature of  20°C.. 
We´ve been waiting for this moment after a grey in grey winter.

It´s the first day of Spring!!!

 So I thought of making a stroll, walked down the road not so 
far away from the city center to Naschmarkt ( in Vienna´s 6th District).

Some 6 years before, we used to have our old office here,
 to be exact, it´s the building parallel to the tram in the pic below 
... I could see from my office window the comotions down the market
 on a busy day.. 

The pic below depicted the original market a century back and though
changes evolved,  it still maintained its form up to now.

Google photo

It´s Vienna`s most popular market which historically existed since the
 16th century.. The vendors sell all fruits, vegetables and other 
food from around the world. 

It is also the food mecca of the city. The restaurants , bistros and cafes are always full  that you would hardly get a seat as in the above image and the photo that I took below.

Flowers are also sold in abundance

as well as condiments, dips, antipastis name it! 
Each stall gives passers-by a sample to taste....

....dips and spreads you could hardly resist and ask yourself that you
 would like to buy a few grams...which makes the stall owner smile in all directions.

Lots of fresh vegetables

left & right....

Sweets & spices are nicely and neatly packed to invite locals and 
tourists to buy their products

A stall full  of dried fruits, berries as well as nuts of  all kinds
 are  also sold here

Oriental spices are one of the top selling items here.

Teas, coffee and chocolates are also being offered as well as locally produced wines direct from winemakers

Tea culture, anyone? 

more sweets

A stall that offers colorful tablecloth, fabric bags as well as wall hangings and other accessories from the orient.

Buildings are full of architectural details

If it´s Architecture you´re looking for, Vienna has plenty of those..

Hope you enjoy the tour of Naschmarkt.... and if you plan to visit the city, do keep in mind to pass by this interesting´ll love its flair!

Happy weekend !