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The Castle - Burg Kreuzenstein in Austria

Top photo :Bwag

It will only take you 15 minutes to reach this castle from the City of Vienna.. located in Leobendorf, Lower Austria, this castle attracts many visitors..tourists and locals alike.

I´ve been here 4 times and the last was about 2 weeks ago when german relatives visited us from Bavaria. 

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This  Middle Age castle erected around the 12th Century was once owned by the Habsburg ....and  was later burned down  by the swedish Army before they left Austria in 1645.

Could you imagine that what was left of the original castle was only the ruins?

While we made the tour inside, I´ve seen the castle depicted in one of the sketches  as completely burned down, just a small portion of the wall remained , nothing else.

According to history and what our tour guide explained, a rich owner  Count Wilzcek who got the property  rebuilt the whole castle from the ruins and used materials gathered on the burned site... 

All furnitures have been gathered from all over Europe and are now part of the showcase for tourists visiting the castle, as if they have always been there originally.

The Castle was rebuilt within a period of 30 years and was reopened to the public early 20th Century.

A lot of Hollywood people use this castle for their location shooting... i.e Nicholas Cage is one of those..

I hope you have enjoyed what you´ve seen  here... If 
you´re thinking of visiting Vienna, don´t forget to include this one in your list..

......Have a great day everyone!