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habaneros and the red onions

I´m an avid fan of container gardening... all the veggies I plant are located on the top terrace. I couldn´t plant any edible ones in my backyard because the slugs damage all leaves they can eat especially after the rain. My container veggies and salads are safer on the top terrace. 

Yesterday, after a biking tour,  I went back to the fields to get some more white onions but nothing was left behind. It can be that some people from our area might have come and got them already.. 

What was left were the red onions located on the outer edge of the area... the tractor  missed them during the harvest and the farmers wouldn´t care to gather them manually because it´s more time consuming and labor intensive.

...  and so, I picked them up like "gold nuggets" until my bag was full, went home, cleaned them and hang some for drying. 

We will surely have plenty of red onions to consume in the next few weeks. And mind onions cost double the price of the white ones. They are more aromatic and mild in taste. 

Habanero, is the chili from Mexico planted in a container, I harvested some of the red ones yesterday...This is such a hot pepper I would never ever have thought..Hubby didn´t know that it´s that hot and tried a bite,, OMG, it´s like a "doomsday" as if " the world was collapsing  on him" he said....he 
rushed to the bathroom and drank plenty of water.... too late, my fault, I forgot to warn him! LOL!

The one container below holds the pointed pepper, I don´t know what the real name is, but these ones are guaranteed to be mild and sweet just like the bell pepper... I´m going to wait til they all become red. 

Happy Sunday to all!

Thank you for reading this blog!