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the green bag and the suede shoes

I saw these olive green yarn and I immediately fell in love with its color. It´s the yarn color of the Octoberfest ... everyone celebrating this feast is wearing alpine folkloric and mostly with red or green.

And so I thought I would make something out of them , I was lucky to have bought them... because they were on sale and half the original price!!! That triggered my excitement at 50% off!!! 

And so, I grabbed a couple of packages including the white one.We love special offers don´t we?  

Well, I just had a thought on what I´ll do with it.. and so I was playing with the hook to see what I´d come up with, which project can be taken and can be done while in the subway going to and from work.

......and my concept was to make a tote bag in granny squares, for my office lunch... something not to big and not to small..

I lined it with a flower printed cotton fabric that are normally used for "dirndl", a folkloric dress worn by women in the alpine region of Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

So, i think the lining fabric goes well with my theme... there is a contrast and the wooden handles are just fitting well to the color both in and outside of the bag.

The wooden handles came from Manila, I bought them in a shopping mall in Divisoria while I was visiting my family a couple of years back. The shop especializes in bag accessories and they are really just a fraction of a cost..

I think this bag is groovy enough to be worn with a pair of blue jeans and it is just a coincidence....

......that I happen to have a pair of  green suede shoes.


Thanks for reading my post!