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the onion harvest and the mushrooms

I have been too busy since last week because we´ve had visitors from Germany last Sept. 15. They are relatives of mine whom I didn´t see for decades... 

Because of this special event, last weekend had been dedicated to cooking and baking... it´s more comfortable if the food are all cooked and ready before the visitors come,  I hope you´ll agree with me.. 

We visited a castle  near Vienna called Burg Kreuzenstein. Anyway, I´d post more details and many pics on that visit later. One thing that I would like to share with you though, are pics of some mushrooms we saw along the way up to the castle..

They are in abundance along the forest road to the Burg.. I was just wondering if they are edible?

This weekend, I´m lucky ....thank God, I was able to get rid of the pain on my right foot caused by some spinal disorder. My Orthopedic is a very good one, I must say she has done a good job although the injection had been very painful with all the long needle used which got my right foot swollen.. hmmmm, foot is still in pain but only when I´m walking. Now, I have to be careful that my feet are not strained. I guess old age is coming on to me, LOL!

 And despite the busy chores at home, we were still able to go biking slowly, slowly because of my right foot. I was told I had to move my legs and feet for blood circulation...I´m on my way.

In addition to today´s activities, I picked-up some onion- 
leftovers from the field above near our home.. The farmers always leave the onions that were not harvested by the tractors. It is for them too expensive if they pick the onions manually..

And so I went through the field picking up whatever onions I saw... it was fun to do and I felt like as if I´m picking-up gold nuggets, LOL!

And I ended up getting a bag full of free onions...

This is one of the biggest onions.. All in all , the tote bag carried around 5 kilos...for free!

I had to clean them first because of the mud that stuck to their roots, trimmed them, washed and ....

                              ....have them ready for drying..

Well, these were the free onions from today´s field adventure and we will enjoy them in the next couple of weeks...for hungarian gulasch, perhaps?

Happy Saturday!