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cucumber juice - homemade

Whenever I make my homemade greek dip or salad called Tzatziki, I always have this juice as a result of extracting the liquid from the grated cucumber. I process this liquid and turn it into a super healthy juice. As you can see, it has an impressive amount of water when grated and this liquid is of course very healty.. 

Cucumber has plenty of nutrients and so many minerals. It is rich in Vitamin A & C which also act as anti oxidants for the body... I bet this one will become a family favorite especially in hot days.. But, of course, you can also make this at anytime of the year..

You only need to have 1 long cucumber (Bologna type) or the cylindrical type to make one glass of  juice... here´s how I make it : 

First, peel the cucumber and cut into halves. In a bowl, grate the cucumber manually. When grated, one whole piece would look like this in below photo:

Use colander or strainer to extract the juice in another bowl, the rest of the fruit will be used for the Tzatziki dip.

Add 1/2 lemon juice to the extracted liquid and add sugar to taste. If you´re avoiding sugar, add stevia powder or liquid to taste instead.

Add ice cubes and decorate the glass with lemon slice... Pronto!!!

That´s it!!! So simple to make but great in taste... By adding more ice cubes, your thirst will surely be quenched and that I´ll bet with you!


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