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granny square´s finally done

There is a great joy within me when I finished off the last centimeter of the yarn for this project. It took me almost two and a half months of on and off crocheting.

The squares were started during train rides to and from work. Each train ride is 30 minutes to my office and by just constantly making 1 piece per one way, it all added up to the 66 pieces including all efforts to crochet some squares while watching  a film on TV. 

Little times found in betweens at home are a pleasure  and are very much enjoyable if  I get myself indulged in crafting. Crocheting means relaxing, it takes away all the stress after a long and hard day at work, at least it works for me.

The size of this blanket was not planned at all and I didn´t realize that the pastel colored yarns of the 1st order were not that much. I also realized that the pastels were not the exciting colors I wanted , so when I ordered the 2nd lot, I got more of the bohemian colors... 

....the 2nd lot ordered were just enough to finish the blanket minus the border. I tried to finish off the border with 100% cotton yarn available from my stash. Good to know that the interchanging colors blended well with that of the squares.

Overjoyed,  I´m really happy that this blanket is finally done and I can really snug into its warmth thinking of the old days when women made them for their family to give each member comfort on a cold winter day.

Happy Wednesday!

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