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just a tote....


This rest fabric had been nesting in a box in the corner of the curtain shop I once visited out of curiosity. I bought this piece at a fraction of a cost and kept it in my fabric stash not really knowing what to do with it.

I liked the fabric and though it´s very small in size I simply
took it, it´s my hoarding instinct I guess that made me think someday, I´d make something out of it.

The feel of an upholstery fabric is quite stiff but I love its stand...actually my fave material for a tote bag. This one is very easy to sew and I added a batting so it would look voluminous. I love the simplicity of this bag with no trimmings except for the closure of simple band & buttons in front and in the back.

The handles were stuffed with polyfill..

The lining used also came from my stash that had been there a couple of decades ago ..

The feel in the inside is so smooth because of the padding or batting that was added in between. 

This tote bag is an all-purpose one, so you can carry it for whatever needs you may have. 

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