Challenging Arts & Crafts

Vienna´s 1st District and its Architecture...

If you intend to travel to Europe, Vienna is a must for you! 

Come to this wonderful city to see and experience the beautiful places, parks,  people, its 
culture and particulary, its architecture.

 Vienna is full of those Baroque beauties in the 1st District.  

According to the Mercer Quality of  Living survey, Vienna has the best living standard in the world. The crime rate is also among the lowest in Europe... 

The streets are clean and the parks are enjoyable to get some relaxations after long walks.

Tourists flock Kärntner Strasse, the heart of Vienna.

The grandeur of the Stephansdome can´t be missed...built in the 11th Century, it houses underneath the catacombs  thousands of skulls.... remains of the locals who died from the pest during the medieval times.

The interior of the Stephansdome is still intact despite the WW II bombing.

Facade of the buildings were carefully planned,  beautifully designed and well constructed... The city mayor Helmut Zilk once lived in the building shown above.... his widow still lives here.

The St Peter´s Church

The "Pestsäule"  was constructed to commemorate the sufferings of the folks and for those who died from the dreadful pest epidemic that swept Europe during the Middle Ages particularly the one in the 14th Century.

Hotel Sacher.... Queen Elizabeth II  lived here when she made a visit.

The State Opera, the venue of the world famous Opera Ball

Vienna is Europe´s city of music and according to many, the "city of dreams"  for it became home to Sigmund Freud..

The million dollar Lipizzans have their own Stalls in the 1st District, they are being trained under the Spanish Riding School... they have their own public shows.

Hofburg... summer residence of the Habsburgs that is now used for State functions..

The National Library.... When Hitler occupied Austria, he delivered his speech on the terrace above.

Above: The Rathaus ( City Hall)

Below: The building behind is the  Summer Residence of the Habsburg Dynasty now used for the government´s various social as well as political functions as well as for international gatherings.

That´s it for now and I hope you enjoyed the small architectural tour!

Vienna is truly a nice city to live in and I feel so privileged to be able to live here in this beautiful austrian capital for more than 30 years now....

TGIF...enjoy it!