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white hyacinth clusters...

Hyacinthus orientalis,... that is what they call this variety. A flower that is so popular for its scent and blooms in Spring... Its aroma is wonderful!
It is now the season of hyacinths and once the buds were there , a few days after, they opened- up and produce an explosion of fragrance all over my living room.

The past years, I´ve always had the blue color and sometimes the pink ones. This time I tried white... its scent makes me feel as if  I´m in a garden full of flowers. The fragrance of the white is not so strong as that of the blue ones though.... 

Each of these white bulbs produced at least 3 flower spikes and they are really so gorgeous from the day one the buds opened. I watched its growth everyday and enjoyed every minute of it.

I think whites are so fabulous in appearance, those florets are robust, thick and waxy...simply beautiful!  
I surely would try a mixture of  various bulbs in glass as well as culture them in pots next year. Meanwhile, I want to enjoy its fragrance for as long as the blooms are still here!

Have a nice Friday !