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lilacs and wildflowers...

Flowers, flowers, flowers....they make me smile
 and give me inspirations each day.

I could not imagine my home without flowers... 
they bring joy  as well as give pleasure to the eyes
 of every beholder...

The violet Campanula above is my latest 
addition  to the flowers in my garden.

I have a small space available in  my backyard... I tried planting flowering ones that are my favorites
as well as sum up the fave colors for my own satisfaction.

 The interactions of the various shades of light to 
deep pinks  give a gorgeous contrast to the 
evergreen conifer hedge..

I love Lilacs,  my neighbour gave me  a bunch 
over the weekend when she made 
a walk in the woods.....
...and they are all over our pathways, too!

Except for the dandelions, you won´t see 
 these tiny wildflowers on the pathways
 if you won´t look carefully 
for they are really really small...

The wildflowers start popping-out now
as the days go on toward summer ...
and as I told you, they are seen in the middle 
of the fields where the wheats are grown. 

And so, I´ve had the idea of picking the wildflowers
 each day when we walk Lily, mom in-law´s 
four year-old chihuahua.

It was fun making bouquets according to 
the colors .... 
...I chose tiny vases so that when the flowers
 are arranged , they would look like 
normal size when they are photographed..

I also used berries in my arrangements above ...
I don´t think that these berries are edible.

These rapes are popping out in the middle
 of the wheat field, so I went to gather them...

 BUT(!), I should have waited  because 
it rained in the morning and the field 
was muddy!!! 
The rest is for you to imagine as to what 
  happened  with my shoes...LOL!

Centaurea cyanus or the blue cornflowers are 
so gorgeous and  can easily be arranged 
because they have long stems that can be cut easily according to the vase used.

Such gorgeous lilacs!!! 
They are one of the first arrangements I did since
 I started making bouquets last week. 

Last but not least, is this cluster of various green flowers, 
the ones in the middle that look like grains will 
turn white in a few days...
I added the violet campanula so it would look livelier..

I hope you enjoyed the Lilacs and the
 I wish you were inspired by the flower pics, too!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog.
 Have a nice Wednesday ahead!

Til next,


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