Challenging Arts & Crafts

a dash of pink and yellow....

Floral arrangement used-up most of my 
afternoon time these days. 
It all started when Spring came in as the
 flowers along the meadows and fields 
started popping out, wanting
 to be picked. 

Today´s flowers came from a pathway that Lily 
enjoys to run up & down... and it´s this pathway
  where  I picked the wildflowers I used in most
of my bouquets to date.

One of the advantages of living near the 
corn and wheatfields is that, 
 we  get to roam around with Lily
 (mom in-law´s four year-old chihuahua)
 in these vast areas and at the same time
 find so many wonderful natural materials to 
decorate our home.

The city of Vienna is very green, every sidewalk has 
trees and/or  planted with flowering bushes. 
In the outskirts of the city, the open fields are tilled
for crops and planted with big bushes 
as windbreaker.

Lily´s pathways are full of various wildflowers...
 camomiles, cornflowers, poppies and 
many more. 

You wouldn´t believe it but there are so many floral 
species that are really growing on these fields 
 and grounds, hand in hand with the wheat or corn.

 The blossoms are just  there waiting to be picked....
... and so.. that is what I did and turned these wildflowers
 into a bouquet .... like this one.

Thank you for taking the time 
to read this blog!

Happy Sunday!